It consists of separate support and comfort zones across the mattress. They provide firm support that is important and soft contour you need it. They give you the good body support and comfort as you need. This mattress provides the essential spinal support. It can control the temperature on all side of the mattress. Zone mattress is the best rated mattress that is a hybrid model prepared with a top layer of gel infused memory foam. This mattress is specially made of side sleepers. They provide strong edge support. They gives the comfort layer for sleeper hips and shoulders, they help to spinal alignment. They prevent the pressure points to decrease the pains and aches.

7 zoning provides 7 zones of comfort and support:

  1. Foot and ankle zone: The zone provides pressure point relief and comfort to your foot and ankles.
  2. Lower leg zone: The same firmness as the upper back zone and shoulder they provide s better pressure point and comfort to lower leg zone.
  3. Knee zone: The same firmness as the lumbar zone. They provide the better support for your knees.
  4. Lumbar zone: This zone is necessary for lower back comfort; they provide support for your back and spine alignment.
  5. Pelvic zone: They contour to the mattress for pressure point relief and spinal alignment.
  6. Head and neck zone: They provide the support to your neck and head to help prevent neck pain.
  7. Shoulder and upper back zone: They help to decrease pain in the neck and shoulders.

The coils are separated into three zones: the top and bottom zones are thin coils that cradle the legs, shoulders, neck and head. The middle zone is thick coils they gives the extra support to the sleeper stomach and hips.